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Diety & devotee are strongly bounded in unique relationship. Relationship becomes stronger with expression of feelings. To express our pure love and to say “Happy Birthday” to our beloved “Lord Shri Krishna”, “DD Blessings International School” is going to celebrate “Janmashtami” festival. Every near & dear ones are invited to participate in it on their free will. “Best dressed Kanha” and “Best dressed Radha” will be selected and offered Certificates & Gifts. Kids who will be the winner, their mothers will be also given appreciation certificates.

Date:- 25-08-16    

Timings:- 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Venue:- Aashirwad Banquet Hall, 

              Near Shyam Bakery, Jheel

Age group categories for selection are:-

i) Below 2 years        ii) Below 3 years      

iii) Below 4 years      iv)  Below 5 years    

v) Below 6 years       vi) Creative Mother

First Flight Begins Here
Govt. Recognised
Reg.No.- 1003266

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DD Stands for
Our Guru ji
Shree Deen Dayal Ji Maharaj
Have spritual power to shape up
your child into strongest individual personality
Rely on Blessings and again enjoy
your childhood with your child